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Luxury resortFarmers Insurance has a new Hotel Insurance Program that is helping many hotels in California save money off their insurance needs!

Farmers Insurance and the Kitajima Agency is committed to protecting your hotel in California with quality insurance from Farmers Insurance. We believe that our expert knowledge in hotel insurance in California can help you find ways to save money off your hotel’s insurance needs. We also like to discuss with you all your important coverage options to make sure you have enough coverage to protect your hotel in case something happened and at the same time make sure you do not have any coverage that may be unnecessary for your hotel.

All hotels have their unique characteristics which means their insurance policy should be customized to their specific needs. That is why we believe it is important for you to talk to an expert who can give you all your coverage options in detail. Although this may sound time consuming we can actually provide you all your coverage options and provide you a proposal in about 15 to 30 minutes. Please call us today (949-544-5252) or schedule an appointment for us to provide a quote at your hotel!

Hotel 4Farmers Insurance can provide a quote for your California hotel insurance needs over the phone very easily or we can visit your hotel and provide you with your free quote there. Please give us a call (949-544-5252) and let us know if you will like a quote over the phone or if you will like us to visit your hotel and provide a quote there.

We at Farmers feel that it is very important for us to explain your coverage options and what your available levels of coverage are. We have reviewed many policies in the past and found that many agents have left out important coverage that have cost the hotel owners tens of thousands of dollars when an optional coverage could have been added which would have protected the hotel owner. That is why it is important to talk to an agent who can explain to you what coverage options you have so you can decide if that coverage is necessary or not for your hotel. Thank you very much for considering Farmers. We are looking forward to helping you with your hotel insurance needs!

Give us a call today (949-544-5252) or fill out the form below for your free quote for your hotel insurance needs with Farmers!

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Farmers & Our Agency Offers Your Hotel:

Strength and Stability
Hotel 3Since 1935 we have been serving business owner and as one of America’s largest and premier insurance companies we will be there when you need us.

We are rated “A” (Excellent) by AM Best Company and classed in AM Best’s highest financial strength category of XV.

Professional agents and underwriters, specialists in the industry
Our agents and underwriters are highly trained professionals with in-depth industry knowledge who specialize in providing the right insurance solution for your needs.

Dedicated Agent & An Insurance Expert
Our agents are licensed professionals who have been trained through award-winning, rigorous insurance courses. With their training and in-depth industry knowledge, they will assist in the selection of the most appropriate coverage and limits and answer any of your insurance related questions.

The customized service you deserve
Insurance is an important part of your business’ financial security, and you expect quality service. That is what you will get – customized coverage accompanied by excellent service through professional, knowledgeable and responsible agents and claims representatives.

Competitive Pricing & Easy payment options
Financial stability is important for all of us and you can count on us to deliver the service unparallel to others at the best available pricing. It is our goal to make doing business with us easy. We offer a variety of EasyPay® options to make the payment of premiums as easy as possible.

Loss Prevention Program
One way to reduce premium is to make sure your losses are minimized. With our risk management professionals, we will help you to prevent and to mitigate the loss potentials. This will keep the premium low and let you focus on your business, not on insurance matters.

24 hours Claims Service
Our compassionate and dedicated Claims staff will provide the assistance when the unexpected event occurs. Whether it is a small fire loss or it is multiple losses in catastrophic events, Farmers gets you back where you belong.

One agency to handle all your insurance needs
We are a full-service multiple lines agency. We can assist with your commercial insurance needs such as Property/Liability, Business Auto, Commercial Umbrella and Workers Compensation. In addition, we can serve your personal lines needs such as Homeowners, Personal Auto, Personal Umbrella, Life Insurance and much more in the way of specialty coverage and services!


Alternative Key Systems – Reprogramming Costs: Pays for necessary cost to reprogram alternative key systems due to a loss or damage from covered cause of loss at a covered location.

Back-up of Sewer and Drain: Pays for the reasonable and necessary costs to repair or replace property due to loss or damage caused by back up or overflow of a sewer, drain, sump pump, sump pump well or any other system designed to remove surface water from the foundation area.

Building Ordinance or Law: Coverage A – Covers loss in value of the undamaged portion of the Building due to demolition pursuant to a building ordinance or law. Coverage B – Covers the cost of demolition and removing of debris of the undamaged portion of the building if demolition is required by building ordinance law. Coverage C – Covers the increased cost to repair, reconstruct of remodel damaged or undamaged parts of the building to comply with a building ordinance or law.

Business Income: Pays the actual loss of Business Income you sustain due to the suspension of your operations during the period of restoration with no waiting period. Period of restoration may be increased to 36 months. The suspension must be caused by direct physical loss, or damage to property at the described premises. The policy also provides Extended Business Income to restore your operations.

Business Income & Extra Expense- Reservation System: Pays for loss of business income resulting from direct physical loss to a premises operated by a franchiser, referral system or other service, except a travel agency, upon which the insured depends for the booking of reservations

Business Personal Property – Seasonal Increase: The limit of insurance for Business Personal Property will automatically increase by 25% to provide for seasonal increases.

Claim Expense: Pays for reasonable expenses the insured incurs at Farmers® request to assist in the investigation of a claim or suit; or the determination of the amount of loss, such as taking inventory.

Computer Fraud and Funds Transfer Fraud: Pays for loss or damage resulting directly from fraudulent transfer of covered property by the use of computers. . Also pays for loss of money or securities from a fraudulent instruction directing a financial institution to transfer money or securities from the insured’s account.

Contamination Shutdown: Pays for loss of income as the result of a shut down ordered by The Board of Health or other government authorities because of actual or suspected contamination. Also pays for clean-up cost, cost to replace contaminated products, and costs of medical tests necessitated.

Contract Penalties: Pays the contractual penalties required for failure to timely deliver products or services according to the contract terms. The breach of duty must result from direct physical loss or damage by a Covered Cause of Loss. Optional coverage.

Earthquake Sprinkler Leakage: Pays for direct damage caused by the leakage of water from sprinkler heads or feed pipes resulting from and earthquake or volcanic eruption.

Equipment Breakdown: Pays for direct damage and resulting loss of income caused by or resulting from covered equipment breakdown. Optional coverage.


Fire Department Service Charge: Pays for the service charges incurred when the fire department is called to save or protect covered property.

Fire Extinguisher Recharge: Pays for the necessary cost to recharge or replace fire extinguishers used to extinguish a fire at the described premises.

Guests’ Evacuation Expense: Pays for reasonable and necessary expenses incurred to protect guests from danger caused by an external event or condition at a covered location.

Guests’ Property: Covers legal liability for loss of or damage to guests’ properties while they are in a safe deposit box or elsewhere at the covered location.

Guests’ Inconvenience Cost Reimbursement: Pays for expenses associated with finding new accommodations for guests whose prearranged hotel accommodations cannot be honored due to a covered cause of loss.

Leasehold Interest: Pays for the loss of Net Leasehold Interest sustained due to the cancellation of favorable lease terms because of damage to the leased premises by a covered cause.

Newly Acquired Property: Coverage may be extended to apply to the property at any premises you acquire. The extension ends when any of the following first occurs: (1) policy expires; (2) 90 days after the acquisition or construction begins; and (3) values are reported to the insurer.

Ordinance or Law – Equipment: Pays for the cost increase due to ordinance or law in the repair or replacement of covered equipments damaged by covered cause of loss.

Personal Property Off Premises: Cover Business Personal Property while it is temporarily located at premises you do not own, lease or operate or at a fair or exhibition.

Pollution Clean-Up: Pays for expenses incurred to extract pollutants from land or water at the described premises, which is caused by or resulting from a covered cause of loss.

Protection Response Service Expense: Pays for the response charges (other than that of fire department’s) required by contract, agreement or local ordinance that are levied for service provided after such contract or agreement went into effect.

Realty Tax – Increased Assessment: Pays for the increased realty tax liability resulting from a covered loss to specified properties.

Unauthorized Business Card Use: Pays for loss of money resulting directly from theft, forgery or unauthorized use of credit, debit or charge cards issued in insured’s name, including fund transfer cards, charge plates; and telephone cards.

Utility Services Direct Damage & Time Element: Pays for direct physical loss or loss of Business Income or Extra Expense caused by the interruption of power (property supplying electricity, steam or gas) or communication (property supplying communication services including telephones, radio, microwave or television) services to the described premises. The interruption must result from direct physical loss or damage to the off premises supply property.


Employee Benefits Liability: Covers amount the insured is legally obligated to pay as a result of making errors in the administration of any employee benefit program.

Business Liability: Provides liability coverage the insured is legally obligated to pay as damages caused by: bodily injury, personal injury, advertising injury or property damage.

Contractual Liability: Provides coverage for an insured who under contract of agreement hold someone else harmless and agrees to indemnify him for any liability imposed.

Delivery Errors and Omissions: Covers legal liability for damages caused by failing to deliver or misdelivery of items

Employers Liability (Stop Gap): Pays amounts the insured is legally obligated to pay because of bodily injury to an employee if such injury is covered by the policy, arising out of and in the course of the employe’s employment by insured.

Employment Practices Liability: Protects employers for liability arising from such workplace actions as discrimination (age, sex, race, disability, etc) wrongful termination and sexual harassment.

Host Liquor Liability: Coverage for businesses and organizations held liable under a liquor law for the serving of liquor at meetings or functions, but not in the business of manufacturing, selling or distributing alcoholic beverages.

Liquor Liability: Covers the amount the insured is legally obligated to pay as damages for injury due to the selling, serving or furnishing of any alcoholic beverage. Limit may not exceed the liability limits.

Medical Payments: Covers for payment made regardless of fault for first aid, medical services, and ambulance service.

Per Location General Aggregate Limit: For policies with multiple locations, general aggregate (other than products and completed operations aggregate) limit is provided separately for each location

Products and Completed Operations: Provides liability coverage for bodily injury and property damage arising out of products sold or distributed by the named insured or out of operations performed for someone else after the operations have been completed.

Services Errors and Omissions: Covers legal liability for damages caused by failing to provide facilities, goods or services

Tenant’s Legal Liability: Pays the amount the insured is legally obligated to pay as a result of fire or explosion damage to that part of a non-owned building rented to, or occupied by, the named insured.

Unintentional Errors and Omission: Subject to conditions, any unintentional error or omission in the description of, or failure to completely describe, any premises or operations intended to be covered by this Coverage Part will not invalidate or affect coverage for those premises or operations.