How to Save Money on Insurance


1. Get the multi-policy discount:
Farmers, like most reputable insurance companies, offers a discount for having multiple policies with them. Therefore, if you have auto, home and life insurance policies all with separate companies, then you are not taking advantage of the multi-policy discount. Bundle your insurance and save! Please click here for a home, condo, life or auto insurance quote.

2. Get the multi-car discount:
Are you married or have a significant other that you live with? Then it almost always makes sense to combine your auto insurance with one company to take advantage of the multi-car discount. This way you would be covered in case you drive each other cars as well. Please contact us to find out how much more it would be add another car and/or your spouse!

3. Drive a little less:
Obviously the more you drive the more risk of an accident occurring. (Especially in a city with a lot of traffic in California!) Therefore, it is a good idea to have your insurance agent check what your “estimated annual miles driven” is. If it is higher it usually can be lowered with a little paperwork which can lower your rates. If you are not driving that much adjusting your “estimated annual miles driven” is a great way to reduce your auto insurance rates because you are not making changes to your existing coverage.

4. Move to a different zip code
This is not a easy thing to do but it is good to keep in mind that where you live makes a huge difference! Statistics show that some areas of California is much riskier to drive than other areas. This makes sense because the chances you will get into an accident is higher if you live in a high density area with 24 hour rush hour like Los Angeles then if you lived in a city with barely any cars. Although you probably won’t decide where you live depending on your auto insurance rates but it may not be a bad idea to check how much your rates will change (up or down) if you are considering moving to another city.

5. Get married
This is especially the case of men. Again it is all based on statistics but single guys are just worse drivers than married guys. Single guys (in general) just drive faster and more recklessly while married men with maybe kids are more responsible and understand that his family depends on you to make it home safely. Don’t get married just to lower your insurance rates! But do let us know once you do get married so we can lower your rates!

6. Get better at driving
Everybody knows the better your driving record the better your rates. Drives safely for 3 years and every single insurance company will qualify you for the good driver discount. Don’t drink and drive and also don’t text while you drive! And if you have to get in an accident… don’t hurt the other party! If you injure someone in an accident your rates will go up significantly compared to a property damamge only accident.

7. Increase your deductible or lower your coverage:
Although this is not recommended, sometimes we have to make changes to make your insurance payments fit your budget. By increasing your deductible or by lowering your liability coverage your rates would decrease. The less insurance you have the less your rates would be. The great thing about us is that you can always change your coverage back up to the limits you are more comfortable with later. Also, we never charge you for making changes to your policy!

8. Shop around:
But where else can you find a better agency then us who offers an affordable and quality insurance company like Farmers without any broker fees? We pride ourselves in being available and taking care of our insurance needs in a timely manner by responding to questions right away. Plus we offer Farmers insurance which has always been known for the best claim service. Although we can’t guarantee that our rates are the cheapest we can guarantee that our rates are always fair. Don’t switch to a company you never heard of because that can cost you the most in the end! If you do not have insurance with our agency contact us today!

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