Laura Martinez

Laura Martinez

Laura Martinez

Licensed Insurance Agent since 2009

Phone: (714) 677-2739
License: # 0G71814

Laura is a license Farmers Insurance agent who is dedicated to protecting and servicing our clients all over California with affordable and quality insurance from Farmers.  She is an expert in making buying insurance from Farmers FAST, AFFORDABLE and EASY.  She is also the Customer Service Manager of our agency.

In 2017 Laura was awarded the “Agent of the Year” award for the 3rd consecutive year in a row! (She won the award in 2016 as well) She had an outstanding year with truly an all around excellent sales and customer service performance. As a true professional Laura had a great year learning how to sell and service commercial and life insurance policies in 2016. Establishing herself as the #1 agent last year Laura is now looking forward to further her already successful insurance career. Her sales efforts helped the Kitajima Agency become the #1 Farmers Insurance agency in California (most policies sold) for the 3rd year in a row.

In 2015 Laura was awarded the “Agent of the Year” award for the first time in her career.  She was recognized for her outstanding sales results and customer service level.  She also has incredible product knowledge for all products Farmers offers and helps train new agents at our office as well. Her sales efforts in 2016 contributed significantly to helping our agency become the #1 Farmers Insurance Agency for the second consecutive year!

In 2014 Laura was awarded the “Customer Service Agent of the Year Award” for the second straight year in recognition of her sales and customer service performance which significantly contributed to the agency’s success! Her sales results were the best among our Customer Service agents in 2014!

Laura was recognized by Farmers by winning the 2013 Customer Service Representative of the Year Award and the 2013 Rookie of the Year Award.  She is licensed by the California Department of Insurance since 2009 to sell and service auto, home, condo, renters, motorcycle, and business insurance policies.

Laura specializes in helping protect families with Life insurance with Farmers Insurance. She can help your family find a plan that is right for your family. Please call her today and protect your family with life insurance with Farmers Insurance!

She also is an expert in saving money for our clients by applying a multi-policy discount savings by consolidating their insurance with Farmers. She is very knowledgeable of all the products Farmers offers such as auto, home, condo, renters, umbrella, motorcycle, watercraft, mobile home, earthquake, flood and etc.  Laura has also learned how to save money for drivers’ who have a DUI and/or need a SR-22 and also is very experienced in explaining all the discounts and coverage Farmers has to offer. Laura has been a licensed insurance agent since 2009 and can also speak Spanish. (Los puede asistir con su aseguranza en espanol)

Laura is a super fabulous mommy who enjoys going to Dodger games although she is a Yankee fan. All of the sudden Laura became a Green Bay Packer fan this year.

Please call Laura (714) 677-2739 to see how her experience and expertise can help you save money!
Laura Martinez Farmers Insurance

2017 Agent of the Year!

Laura’s Awards

2017 Agent of the Year
2016 Agent of the Year
2015 Agent of the Year
2014 Customer Service Agent of the Year
2013 Customer Service Agent of the Year
2013 Rookie of the Year

Laura’s Testimonials

“Great company and service Laura Martinez was very helpful and informative made purchasing insurance very easy and quick would definitely recommend her to my friends and family”

Bellflower, CA
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“Bueno megusto como fue el trato con Laura fue muy amable y me lludo en lo que yo andaba buscando muchas gracias Laura”

Wasco, CA
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“I needed some sr22 insurance like right away and Laura Martinez hooked it up very quick and super friendly. Got a good deal and paid for 6 months in advance. A lot of companies I called wanted to charge me extra hidden fees but Farmers had no hidden fees very please and about to add all my cars to my policy.”

Sacramento, CA
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“I recently contacted Dan Kitajima’s group again for another insurance purchase; my transaction was completed via email again. Within minutes, all paperwork was complete and insurance issued. I have been with Farmers for over 35 years and will continue to be a Farmers Insurance customer. I am always eager to work with Dan’s team as they are always on Point! Thank you Laura for assisting me, as usual your service was Exceptional!”

Brentwood, CA
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“I’ve been a customer for my auto insurance needs since 2009, when Mercury would no longer cover me because of my ugly driving record. Finding reasonable, reliable insurance was causing some real headaches for me, until I spoke with a Farmer’s agent. They were quickly able to find a suitable liability policy that was very budget friendly.

My insurance needs were put to the test when another driver totalled my car in 2012. Farmers was there every step of the way and handled everything, it was so easy, all I had to do was cash the check. I obviously went with them again when I got a new car that year.

When it was time to renew this time, I decided to give Farmer’s a call to see if I could save any more money, now that my car is paid off and my driving record is a little better. Laura was so professional and kind, and really looks out for the client. She was able to get my insurance down another $300, with even better coverage. I had a lot of unrelated questions about licensing and employment with Farmers Insurance as well, and she took her time explaining to me the process and gave some great advice. Glad I made that call, and glad to have Farmer’s on my side.”

Whittier, CA
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“Laura was very helpful and she was quick to get me started on my insurance policies for home and auto.
She was very proactive in getting the best policy for my buck and answered all my questions”

Irvine, CA
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“I emailed Farmers Insurance and within minutes I’d received a call for and instant quote! I was very pleased with results. Laura Martinez was very helpful (thank you).”

Chula Vista, CA
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“Farmers Insurance – Kitajima Agency DOES NOT disappoint!

I’ve been a client here with Farmers Insurance – Kitajima Agency for a little over a year now. The level and the quality of the service they provide has not changed a bit. They are welcoming, patient, and courteous. They always work with you for your situation to find the best fit for your insurance needs. Today, besides getting my renewal done for my own policy, I’ve also just opened another policy for my family. Thank you Laura M. for helping me out and working with me today!. Thanks, again, Farmers Insurance – Kitajima Agency!”

San Jose, CA
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“I recently purchased a new car and was shopping around for car insurance. I have been dealing with Laura and her team, they have been great. They have been easy to communicate with over the phone and email. Even when Laura isn’t around her assistant has contacted me to let me know what’s going on and what process to expect next. They gave me a great rate hassle free.”

Oakland, CA
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“I’ve had them for a few years now and am very pleased with the service I always get. Laura is wonderful with customer service. She answers all my questions and is always helping me to receive all possible discounts. Rates are very low for the coverage you get. I would recommend to anyone looking for great auto insurance!”

Stockton, CA
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“Laura was beyond helpful! Quick, professional and sincere. I was with my other insurance company for 10 years and was never issued an agent. If I would have known how easy and cheap (still with great coverage) farmers was I would’ve switched a long time ago!! Thanks guys!”

San Diego, CA
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“I have been using Farmer’s Insurance out of Dan’s office for about 6-7 years. Being a single working mother, i dont have a lot of time in my day and the whole team, especially Laura Martinez are always prompt in responding and answering any questions I may have. They always make me feel important.”

Anaheim, CA
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“I’ve been with a few insurance agencies through the years; but none compare to farmers. Especially this group. I referred my sister, mother and even children to them. And I’m protective when it’s family. Laura and Janet are very professional and have worked to get us a great deal without the hassle of a middle man to pay more than we need too.
When we compared other quotes, we were offered a higher price. With farmers we received a quote within minutes. Not just a quote but the liwest rate.and it was sent to us online and just like that we were insured.
And we could change our policy anytime.
I strongly recommend giving these ladies a call!”

Elk Grove, CA
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“Laura Martinez has always answered my tough insurance questions and gave me honest advice about my policy. I was recently (last week in the rain) in a car accident and Laura was the first one that I called! She gave me all the right directions and my claim was handled flawlessly. Overall I’d recommend Laura to anybody looking for an agent.”

Corona, CA
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“I am so happy with the service I have received from Laura Martinez from the point where I was shopping for a quote, to the renewal of my policy. She has been extremely helpful. I’ve also had the pleasure of interacting with a few other representatives when I’ve had questions and such and everyone has been beyond helpful and professional. Overall, I’m very happy I decided to get my policy with them.”

Los Angeles, CA
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Laura Martinez Farmers Insurance Agent

2016 Agent of the Year!

2015 Agent of the Year

2015 Agent of the Year!

2014 Customer Service Agent of the Year! 1/14/2015

2014 Customer Service Agent of the Year! 1/14/2015



Happy Birthday Laura! 10/10/2014

Laura 2013 Awards

2013 CSR of the Year and 2013 Rookie of the Year