Multi-Policy Discount

MoneySave Money with the Multi-Policy Discount!

The best way to save money on your insurance needs is to combine your insurance policies with a company that offers a multi-policy discount. A multi-policy discount lowers all your insurance policies by adding another line of business with your current insurance company. Farmers Insurance is one of those companies that really help you save money with the multi-policy discount!

Please call us today 949-544-5252 or fill out our form on the right to see how our experience and expertise can help you save money by combining your insurance needs with Farmers!

For example if you already have your auto insurance with Farmers:

  • You will automatically qualify for a multi-policy discount which is 25% off your homeowners policy.
  • And you will also reduce your auto insurance policy 15% by combining your auto and homeowners insurance with Farmers!
  • Therefore you cansave 15% off both your auto and homeowners policy by combining both with Farmers.

Also you would have us as your servicing agency who you can contact anytime if you ever need to make any changes or if you ever have any questions regarding both of your policies.

That’s way better than having two separate companies and not getting the multi-policy discount at all!

We can make saving money on your insurance with the multi-policy discount with Farmers FAST, AFFORDABLE and EASY for you!