Our 3 Biggest Discounts

1.  The Multi-Car Discount
One of the best ways to reduce your auto insurance is by adding another car to your policy!  This saves you about 15% off each vehicle on your policy.  Do you have another vehicle you can add to your policy?  Do you live with someone else who owns a vehicle?

Marriage Discount2. The Marriage Discount
Another great way to reduce your rates is by adding your spouse or your significant other on your policy! Just adding them as an additional driver will lower your rates. Please let us know if you have someone you can add to your policy to lower your rates!

3. The Multi-Policy Discount
The biggest discount Farmers offers is the multi-policy discount. By combining your homeowners, condo or renters insurance you can save up to 15% off both your auto and your home policy! Bundle your insurance with Farmers and save!

Please give us a call today (949-544-5252) or fill out your request to be contacted and see if you lower your rates by adding one of the 3 major discounts we offer!




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