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What we have learned from our reviews:

  1. Clients like fast responsive service. What they don’t like is having to wait on hold and listen to elevator music or having an email they sent that doesn’t get a reply for days. Also many people prefer communicating to their agent by email these days and they expect quick responses. The worst is getting insurance from an agent or an agency that is difficult to get a hold of (especially when you need them!) We pride ourselves in being available and responding to questions and issues immediately! We live in the information age so we like to get what you need done for you right away so you can have one less thing to worry about.
  2. Clients like to have an agency that knows what they are doing. Insurance is not rocket science but there are a lot of agencies and companies out there that have staff working there and have no idea how these policies work. Sometimes you even wonder if the person has a insurance license or not! (And believe me there are a lot of people working at these places that do not have licenses) People like to work with experts that take their profession and career seriously. Explaining coverage options and explaining how certain discounts work is our job! Without the proper training the staff at an insurance agency can leave out important coverage that can hurt you financially in the future or you can be left without discounts you can easily qualify for.
  3. Clients like to have an agency that cares about them. At the very least your insurance agency should treat you in a friendly and professional way. Clients should be respected and be treated with excellent customer service every single chance we have because we would not have a paycheck without our valued clients. This is pretty basic business fundamentals but you will be surprised how many people felt the opposite with their prior insurance agent, broker or company. We care about our clients so much that we will go out of our way to reduce the cost of a policy if we can by reviewing every single policy as it comes up for renewal. Although it will lower our commission we want our clients to feel that we are looking out for their best interest because your best interest is our best interest.

We appreciate all the reviews from our clients and are extremely happy to hear that many are very happy with our service so far.

Please feel free to contact us or fill out our form below anytime if you can think of anything we can do to improve your experience with our agency better in anyway.

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