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Homeowners Insruance with Farmers Insurance

We make Homeowners Insurance with Farmers Insurance Fast, Easy and Affordable!

Farmers Insurance has been providing quality homeowners insurance in California since 1928. Today Farmers Insurance is one of the top homeowners insurance companies in the nation!

Our agency is dedicated and committed to protect perhaps your single largest asset… Your home.

Do not insure your home with a company you have never heard of! It is very important to protect your valuable home with a financially strong and responsible company that actually has the ability and reputation of taking care of large even catastrophic claims.

Here are some of the most important things to consider when purchasing homeowners insurance.

  • Your Dwelling Coverage: This is the amount your insurance company will pay up to incase your home needs to be repaired or rebuilt
  • Your Personal Property Coverage: This is the amount for your belongings in case they need to be replaced due to a covered claim such as fire or theft
  • Your Liability Coverage: It is very important to have adequate liability coverage in case you are liable for someone’s damage such as for their injury or their property damage. This is because you do not want to be in a position to have to liquidate your assets to pay off a liability claim which you did not have enough coverage for! For high net-worth individuals it is very smart to consider an Umbrella policy with Farmers!

Here are some of the things to consider to make your homeowners insurance policy affordable (Without sacrificing coverage!)

  • Choose the right deductible options for you! Many clients still have the old low deductible option because they have not had their policy reviewed by their agent in years. Consider how much you will save a year by choosing a higher deductible option. By not having a claim for a few years you will end up saving money so you can be in a position to be able to afford to pay the higher deductible just in case something extreme happened to your home. And if you end up never having a claim your savings may add up to be a significant amount!
  • See which discounts are available to you! Discounts are great because you can save money without lowering your coverage. Farmers offers the multi-policy discount which is available if you combine your auto and/or life insurance with us! The discount for combining your auto insurance is up to 25% off your homeowners insurance policy which is pretty significant.
  • Ask if your profession qualifies for a “Group Discount” Here are some of the occupations that qualify for an discount: Engineers, Teachers, Doctors, Nurses, Accountants, Lawyers, Policy officers, Fire Fighters, Scientists and many others!

It is also important to have an agent go over your personal property that has limits such as Jewelry. If you have a high value item you want covered make sure you ask one of our highly trained agents to make sure we do not have any gaps in your coverage!

With all the data about your house easily available to us it is very easy to have a quote ready for you in minutes!

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We can show you how you can protect your home with quality and very affordable insurance with Farmers Insurance!

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Our Homeowner Insurance clients love us! (And we love them too!)

“I’ve been a customer for over 3 years, and i can honestly say that all the agents I’ve encountered over the phone, have always displayed great customer service! We just purchased our first home and i wouldn’t have any other agency protect my new investment. You guys rock . I highly recommend there service to anyone looking to work with professionals.”

San Diego, CA
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“Dan’s team at Farmers Insurance is awesome! Quick, responsive, and flexible! We have our home and cars insured by them now and it’s a relief knowing we have such good people on our side.”

West Covina, CA
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“The agents at this office are always responsive and nice. I usually get a response within a day of emailing my agent. I recently bought home insurance with Farmers and they’ve been excellent. I also feel like my agent is trying to get me the best rate for my auto insurance, which is really unheard of. Definitely recommend them.”

Fremont, CA
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