Great at Taking Pictures and Making Videos?

Farmers Insurance en Espanol

The Kitajima Insurance Agency is Hiring!

The #1 Farmers Insurance Agency (Most policies sold in 2019 and 2018) is looking for photographers and videographers to help us create more content for our agency!

Please apply if you:

  • Can create quality videos (Film and Edit)
  • Have photography skills
  • Have a strong interest in Social Media

Currently we are in need of a photographer who is available during the week (take appointments Monday to Friday) to take pictures of us for advertising on social media!

We have a lot of content we will like to create so if it goes well we able to provide a lot of work (especially if you can also film and edit videos).

For now we are looking for freelancers but we may also be looking to eventually bring someone in as a full-time (40 hours a week) team member.

We have equipment (camera, lighting, editing software) which we can use here or we can use your equipment (whichever you prefer).

Please let us know if you are interested in working with us!

The Kitajima Insurance Agency offers:

  • Fair Compensation with Higher Income Potential
  • Great Team Culture
  • Positive Work Environment

If you will like to work with us please apply now!

Apply Here!


    Address (City Only)


    Your Instagram Username (Where we can see your photos / videos)

    Do you speak Spanish?

    Do you have experience taking and editing photos?

    Do you have experience creating (filming and editing) videos?

    Desired hours per week

    Desired Pay (Per Hour)

    Tell us a little about yourself! (optional)

    Thank you for Applying!