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Hi! Thanks again for recently choosing Farmers and our agency for your insurance needs!

Today I want to show you a super easy way for you to receive $20 off your next insurance payment.

Simply give us a positive review on Facebook or Google and let us know how we did!

To review us on Facebook or Google please click on the one of the links below on this email and let us know how your insurance purchasing experience went with us!

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If you can mention the name of the agent that helped you that will be great too!

Once we see your review, we will credit your next insurance payment $20 and email you confirmation!

Hope to hear that we did a great job starting your new insurance policy with us. And please remember to contact us if you ever need anything anytime!

Thanks again for choosing Farmers and our Agency!
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Please stayed tuned for tomorrow’s email which we will show you an easy way to receive a $25 gift card in the mail!